What to do at the Edinburgh Festival – tips

An amazing weekend of entertainment at The Fringe.

It is so hard to know where to start when you arrive at the Edinburgh Festival with just so much you want to see. I thought I would share my weekend as a helper for anyone going this week or at the weekend! –

Our starting and ending point on Saturday was the Spiegeltent area in George Square opposite Harvey Nichols. This is a great area full of bars, food stalls and entertainment – a place to soak up all the atmosphere of the festival goers.

Then up to the Pleasance to see Paul Merton and chums which was hysterical. They were so clever and quick with their improvisations.

Sunday we went to see the new location for Underbelly , the purple upturned cow. Shows we wanted to see had sold out so will see what is on for next weekend and book ahead.

We got tickets for the Moose Comedy Awards Final hosted by Mark Dolan at The Space UK, which was very funny and let you see 10 of the best new comedy acts at the festival, 10 minutes slots of their full shows. The audience where also judges – My favourite was Jess Robinson, The Rise of Mighty Voice (at the Pleasance until 30th August 9.40pm) so will need to go and try and get tickets for her full show next weekend and I think she will be a name to watch out for. Also loved Markus Birdman, Grimm Realities  (Canon’s Gait until the 30th August 15.40) who used stunning illustrations pop-up books for his comedy show, so must try that one as well. We didn’t wait to see who the winner was as we had to go and find lunch before the next show – Pleasance ‘Down & Out in Paris and London which was a inspiring funny play about the memoir of George Orwell & Polly Toynbees Hard Work. If anyone knows the winner of the Moose Awards please update us as nothing online yet!

Lunch at Civerinos was good fun sitting watching street acts with a Peroni and bowl of pasta, followed by Nutella Calzone!

Royal Mile loads of free fringe acts going on to watch and especially loved Brush! Would be worth trying to see their full show at the Assembly Roxy – Roxburgh Place. 2014 Edinburgh Festival Award The Asian Arts Award Winner.

Then back to the Spiegeltent and managed to get last minute returned tickets for Velvet, La Clique which was superb.

All in all a absolutely wonderful weekend seeing so many talented people performing such different acts.

Next weekend also going to try and book Worbey and Farrell’s House Party!The Assembly Rooms and Christine Bovill’s Piaf at the Spiegeltent as a starting point!

Plus have a look at Twitter and Blogs for any other must sees and share them as I did feel spoilt by what we saw this weekend, truly magical and hilarious.