Wave Track Beanstalk Curtains

I loved seeing these Wave Track Beanstalk Curtains installed. Using wave tracks make curtains hang so nicely and really suit our simple contemporary designs. This is my preferred curtain make-up as it gives such an elegant drape to curtains. The track is very minimal and blends in so well with the ceiling or walls when wall mounted.

This modern flat overlooking the dock-yards in Glasgow needed a simple design to enhance the room, as there is such a large expanse of windows in the room. Two full walls of the room are glass overlooking the views of Glasgow.

These sitting room wave track Beanstalk curtains have been made with a cotton lining, as the client did not need or want blackout in this room. Wave is a contemporary curtain heading system which allows curtains to hang in a continuous wave which is smooth, simple and elegant. This wave track was ordered from Silent Gliss. There are other versions but I have to admit that I love the simplicity of this profile.

The grey sofa was then enhanced by adding Alibi cushions in Tangergine orange, Jet black and Red Rose. These cushions are 50×50 unpiped with feather pads.

The kitchen just off the sitting room has a Blossom Chilli Pepper Roman blind. The colours in this blind link to the choice of cushions on the sofa.

Beanstalk design from the Ikon Collection.

The Beanstalk Jet design is one of our most iconic Natasha Marshall designs. The inspiration for this design came from nature, and pared down images and drawings of shoots meeting the plant stalk. From this we created a graphic print which has our studio’s signature simple graphic style. We created this design back in 2006 and have since been recoloured and launched it in our current new Ikon Collection.

Beanstalk is available in 4 colourways and can be complemented by the plain woven Alibi Collection as you can see in this sitting room interior. It is a timeless design that works beautifully in a modern home interior. You can see photos and a video of the design being printed in this blog post. All our Ikon collection is UK printed.

I love the simplicity of this design and have Beanstalk Chilli Pepper curtains in my attic studio office at home. My curtains are also on a Wave track! Plus 18x18inch cushions on my sofa in my sitting room in Beanstalk and Blossom Chilli Pepper.

I hope you have a great week ahead. If you want any help choosing patterns for your new 2017 interiors please do get in touch x