Visiting Customers and new NM stockists.

Out and About last week visiting customers and potential new NM stockists.

I had such a lovely few days last week visiting customers and potential new NM stockists. I flew into Bristol and hired my little ray of sunshine the Fiat 500! I loved driving this little car as they do make you smile. I have to say though the shade of yellow looked good in the sunshine, but then sadly like a motorway recovery van or road-sign colour when it wasn’t sunny, they haven’t got the tone quite right!

It was such a special treat to go and visit one of our first stockists Tinsmiths. If you are near Ledbury this is a must visit or you can shop online – a wonderful interiors haven selling beautiful timeless things. It is a gorgeous town and the shop is one of the most aspirational shops I have ever been to, a treasure trove full of items I would love to have in my home and give as gifts to friends and family. I loved seeing their quirky buildings they designed and built, meeting Phoebe and the team there. It is a wonderful shop to visit to furnish your whole home. Their sense of design and style is unique and a real joy to see. Their love of fabrics comes through in everything they do, so it was a treat to talk through my ideas for the next collection and what they loved about our current ranges.

You can read more about Tinsmiths and the two different buildings, in the unexpected courtyard, in on About Us on their website. Or for more details see Jonathan Glancy’s article for the Guardian, The Miracle of Ledbury which makes for fascinating reading. Like our studio & our home it is a hidden gem, was hard to build, but costs where kept low by being a owner, the designers, contractors & occupier! The only way to reach the Tinsmiths site is along a narrow alley, so everything had to be carried either by hand or in wheelbarrows, like we did as well when building our design studio & home. That included concrete for the foundations and the steel and glass panels! “This hasn’t been a particularly expensive building,” says Clive. “But as I’m my own designer and contractor, obviously I’ve been able to keep costs down”.

I have included a few pictures of their shop and our ‘Flip’ sand curtain they have included in the interior. They also do stock rolls of certain favourites our our designs or they can help you choose fabrics from our full collections.

Then back to Bristol I loved meeting with Alison at Curtain Flair for the first time and she has just this week opened up a new account with us, along with ordering a new display that she will install in March. So if you are looking to have curtains or blinds made and live near Bristol do pop in to see them.

I also had a great meeting with a contract interior designer who is working on some magical tree houses using our Alegre fabrics for curtains, so I cannot wait to share photos of that project when it is finished.

Keep an eye out for further new stockists in the surrounding areas as there a few more we can share with you very soon.

But if you are a local interior design shop or interior designer in the UK and would like me to come and show you through the collections, or talk with one of the Natasha Marshall team, about opening an account please do get in touch.