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Neil and Natasha were thrilled to have their house which they designed and built with Cameron Webster Architects featured in the November/December issue of Homes and Interiors Scotland.

The house is an ideal showcase for a selection of Natasha Marshall fabrics, you can see them used throughout the house for curtains, cushions and as upholstery on the dining table chair seats.  All the fabrics used in their house are part of the Natasha Marshall Ikon collection.  ‘Billow Sea Fog’ has been used as curtains and coordinating cushions in a guest bedroom whilst the more brightly coloured ‘Beanstalk Chilli Pepper’ and ‘Blossom Chilli Pepper’ have been used as cushions and for upholstery in the living area.  The fabrics add a touch of pattern and colour to the interior and really suit the modern space, take a look at the full article for more details.