Miniature Home Development #ConcreteCube

Part two of the journey of the miniature home development #ConcreteCube! We have loved planning the concrete cube, with the aim to achieve a home where you can have ten for dinner and friends to stay! The starting point was a 450 square foot one bedroom ex-council flat in a prime west end location in Glasgow. So as Kirsty and Phil would always say Location Location Location and I couldn’t agree more.

In part one you can see how Neil and I took down all the original walls to leave the concrete cube. We then checked the measurements and Neil started drawing up the space in CAD. He tried out all the ideas designed with Stuart at Cameronwebster Architects. We discussed the rooms together further and started creating detailed drawings for builders, makers, joiners and electricians to give quotes for the work.

To keep costs down we are getting quotes for every stage from a wide range of companies and individuals. We had the builders start adding the required stud walls for the bathroom and one bedroom wall this week. Next it is the electrician putting in all the electric wires.


Planning the Concrete Cube Interior

We spend the evenings looking for new suppliers and makers to get the end look within our set budget for the development. If you are planning a miniature home development it is vital to get all costs together before starting the full project. To keep on budget you need to know all costs so you can make savings where needed. Along this journey we have found so many talented people and even if we don’t get to work with them all on this project there will be other projects after this.

It is a very inspiring project and we are loving planning the interior design and detailing of each area of the flat. It is really showing us that it does not matter what is on the outside. As we already really love the flat, plus there are lots of lovely neighbours and caretakers to talk with.

Small flat developments trend.

Small flat developments seem to be a new movement with many articles popping up the last few weeks. Latest one I have been emailed this week was in The Daily Telegraph on the 20th October – Can micro-living solve the capital’s housing. Talking about how with more young people than ever struggling to afford rent, miniature homes could be the answer by Richard Jones. They talk about flats that are 62-121 sq ft flats by U-I. It talks about how “Young people today interpret their quality of life differently to a generation before, and they want to live in the middle of the action. They want to be close to cultural life….and they’re actually happier living in a smaller unit to do that.”

We had already been saying we want to try a small flat next, as at 450 square foot it is actually a large space, that doesn’t warrant the movable walls we wanted to add! It is also not small enough to cost in making every piece of furniture to have more than one function. But there are lots of thoughts going into what we are doing and ideas gathering for future smaller projects! We are loving the world of micro-flat developing! We couldn’t agree more, that well designed spaces can make central living affordable and life far more enjoyable. Being able to walk to and from work is my biggest luxury.

Miniature Home Development #ConcreteCube

If you have plans to be a micro-flat developer do get in touch to share ideas. Can’t wait to share more as the project develops over the coming months. You can follow our progress on this blog,  or #concretecube and Instagram stories for videos! Most of the work will happen over the weekend as this is currently a hobby for us!

Other developments we have done in the past, are our studio, a flat and our current home. The studio called The Printworks which was originally a glue factory and then a printers. We developed the slaughter house next door into na office space we rent. We developed our home from an old furniture workshop. Plus developed an original Glasgow tenement flat. It had been five years since we had worked on a development and we missed it!

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