Sunshine at Home – Spring is coming

Spring is coming…

Sunshine at Home – Spring is coming…What a wonderful Spring like weekend and I loved how it was casting beautiful light across our home, so excited to see the end of the long dark days! The house comes alive in the sunshine with shafts of light and shapes appearing all day which is fascinating.

I have been inspired by chatting with Phoebe at Tinsmiths last week to start writing a weekly Monday blog….. Being such an architectural nut and after such a magical weekend my first one had to be about my home:

Our soft minimalist interiors are made homely with our textiles throughout and this mixed with the light creates a ever-changing home that is a joy to live in. Cameronwebster architects who designed our home are so skilled at bringing light into their buildings. I took snap shots over the weekend to share with you.

Then the garden is starting to come to life with all the bulbs we planted in November which is so lovely to see.

We also had fun on Sunday going to see the house on site of the couple that came to film at our house a few weeks ago. It was a stunning day and their view across the water and forth road bridge from their new build was very aspirational. I officially have the bug again and would love to do another build project, especially with a sea view like this! It is an incredible experience working on and creating your own dream building and interior spaces from scratch. We can’t wait to see their build from start to finish on tv hopefully later this year, with 2-3 minutes of our glass floor featuring!

We had a great lunch out after talking about house details! Favourite discussion points being the build of our staircase, the hidden curtain tracks, wall to wall curtains to soften the space and give homely texture to the interior at night, acoustic properties of adding fabric into a architectural space, flush spotlights from mr resister, sunken tv into a wall void, glass floor and sofas.

Next build we will definetly encompass a MVHR heat recovery ventilation system that they have installed. Also would love a balcony overlooking the sea!

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