Spring colours feature in weekly bestsellers

Have you planned your new 2017 interiors, Spring colours feature in weekly bestsellers last week. By using yellows in your home you can have Spring in your home all year round. The Plectrum, Zip & Drift Designs due to their graphic simplicity when used in interiors create a beautiful calm interior. Adding pattern and colour to your home with these designs will look stunning for years to come.

This weeks wallpaper was Plectrum lemon slice. Fabrics were Drift Apple for the most ordered fabric of the week. Zip Feather Grey was the most sampled fabric design and colourway.

Have you planned your new Spring 2017 interiors yet? The apple and lemon slice colours will bring Spring into your home all year round. You could also have the Plectrum Wallpaper in the same room as Drift Apple curtains or blinds. I love it when interiors have a lot of white and then add these patterns and colour into the space.

Iconic Classic Natasha Marshall Designs

Plectrum, Drift and Zip are iconic classic Natasha Marshall Designs that show their simple graphic handwriting. These designs are part of the Ikon collection which are early Natasha Marshall designs which we have re-coloured and re-issued due to their continuing popularity.

Natasha Marshall began in February 1997. Founded by Natasha Marshall and Neil Fullerton the aim was to create, simple, geometric designs that complemented the interiors and spaces that they would be used in.

As a company Natasha Marshall believe that good design should be accessible to everyone. We love mixing pattern and colour. Creating interesting combinations that are unusual but also easy to live with. Our favourite combinations bring together bright, fresh patterns. We strive to create welcoming and inviting interiors. For us pattern and colour are key to creating a happy home. Somewhere where people want to spend time, feel relaxed, refreshed and inspired.