Spotlight on: Amanda Tervit – Interior Designer at Steven Burgess

Meet Amanda Tervit – Interior Designer at Steven Burgess Fine Furniture, Stirling.

Steve Burgess design and sell an exclusive collection of quality, solid wood furniture and kitchens as well as our Natasha Marshall fabric collections. We had a chat with Amanda Tervit who is an Interior Designer at Steven Burgess to find out more about her, and what inspires her as a designer…

How you would describe your personal interior style?

My personal interior style is actually a concoction of great design from all genres.  I like to use many layers, building up depth and interest, that intrigues as opposed to bold open statements of style.  Inspiration is found in anything that shouts out detail, handmade and craftsmanship, it is where my true heart resides.

What is your favourite interior item?

Handmade bespoke bookcases, of any size, design, age and finish.  They are my saviour but also nudge me further into a hoarders inclination.

What is your favourite piece of art that you would love to have in your home?

‘The Death of Marat’ by Jacques-Louis David – Bit of a strange one but I have always been fascinated with history, in particular the French Revolution and the art that was created during this era.

When it comes to your style of interiors what do you love most?

Colour, uniqueness and the eclectic nature of what I do, as a organic process of discovery, every time.

What is your favourite place to shop around the world?

This is tough, I don’t want to say London as this is well known, so I will go with that I love to seek out enthusiastic individuals who truly care about what they are selling, know it’s provenance and how it works, this is what makes me smile!

What is your favourite city and are there any little gems that you would recommend?

In this, I can’t really suggest a favourite city, York is beautiful and Oxford a marvel of historical architecture, however my favourite ‘place’ is the highlands of Scotland, the landscape of natural architecture and botanical splendour far surpasses any man made structure.  It feeds the soul and inspires at every turn, what more could one ask for?

Which architect has inspired you the most? 

There are a few architects that have inspired me for different reasons – Frank Lloyd Wright for his futuristic buildings that look just as modern now as they did when first constructed – Herman Hertzberger and Norman Foster for their designs that encourage social interaction and finally Christopher Day who is by far the most conscious forward thinking designer for social change, who remains an inspiration to me each day.

What is your current inspiration?

Without sounding too cliché everything around me inspires! The world is a wondrous place and every turn exposes new experiences.

What is your favourite Natasha Marshall design and colour story?

Without hesitation my favourite Natasha Marshal design is Flip in colour way Sand, the natural colours are beautiful with the structural design, which fits in so many different situations from contemporary through to traditional.

What song do you love to listen to?

My favourite song is ‘Wish you were here’ by Pink Floyd, however I listen to slightly more upbeat music on a general basis such as MGMT, The Smashing Pumpkins and Stone Roses.

Describe your favourite night out or in…

Spending time with family of an evening, hanging out with the nieces and nephews or my siblings.  We are an extremely close family and I find great joy being around them.

What are you reading just now?

‘The Leviathan’ by Thomas Hobbes – Proving to be an interesting read!

What are your mantras in life?

Never expect anything, let things happen naturally and unforced, then you will never feel unhappy!

You can visit the beautiful Steven Burgess showroom in Arnprior near Stirling to view the full range of solid wood furniture and fabric on display or to discuss a bespoke design project for your home. They will be more than happy to help.