Shapes and Pattern Serpentine Pavilion

Shapes and Pattern  Serpentine Pavilion – I love going every year to see the new Summer pavilion and this years did not disappoint, full of pattern inspiration. It is on until the 9th October so still plenty of time to go and see it! I hope you get a chance to go and see it and if not enjoy seeing my photos. There are also some great photos included in the Dezeen posts on the pavilion.

As I said in my Instagram it is the Unzipped Pavilion! Minimalist with the inspiration taken from minecraft this Pavilion created by Bjark Eingels is beautiful. It is such a treat going every summer to see the Serpentine pavilion and I usually see it in various weathers as they stay there until early October! This years is very tranquil to walk through especially on a sunny day.

I look forward to printing out a few of my favourite photos to try drawing from the patterns formed. Every angle you looked you got a different image & pattern formation. I also loved seeing the trees and sky through the shapes. The calm minimalist feel of the white on white was stunning though on certain angles. It is definitely a Shapes and Pattern Serpentine Pavilion….

The Victorian & Albert Museum Structure.

Also if you go and see the Serpentine Pavilion do pop in to see the V&A’s new structure in the garden as it is also fascinating – Elytra Filament Pavilion inspired by beetles and fabricated by a robot! I had spotted it on a Instagram post and had to go and see it when I was in London! I will put up some of my photos on the blog later this week.

Favourites fabric & wallpaper’s of the week.

Our best selling fabric last week was Alibi Parchment and most sampled fabric Alibi Winter Sky. With favourite wallpaper being Pompom Lemon Slice. I hope we get to see photos of our customers rooms as we love seeing how people use our fabrics and wallpapers, it is a real treat.

Have a great week x