Self Build Events Taking Place in Glasgow.

Really excited to hear about the self build events taking place in Glasgow just now. This weekend saw the first phase of a new project with six serviced plots for sustainable self-build homes being released.

Neil and I are passionate about design and building projects as it brings such excitement and creativity to our lives. Having built our design studio / offices from a derelict Glue Factory and our own home from a derelict furniture manufacturer’s warehouse in Glasgow it is exciting to hear about these new projects. For us self-building we felt was the best way to create a space you love to live in and we found it to be the most cost effect way to stay in the area we wanted to. There are so many unloved buildings in Glasgow that can be renovated in the same we we have done to make homes.

Everyday life is made better with design, pattern, colour and nature around you. Just seeing the photos Cameron Webster Architects have up in the studio now remind me of how much design influences my everyday life in Glasgow. Your surroundings are so important and these other areas of Glasgow should really be looking at what the West End of Glasgow has done mixing homes, green spaces and retail together.

Glasgow Plots for Self Builders:

The first phase of this project was launched this weekend with six serviced plots for sustainable self-build homes being released to the public. The plots are situated within Maryhill in an attractive wooded location close to the Forth and Clyde canal. This first phase is part of an extensive regeneration project to create a contemporary urban village with shops, cafes and community facilities. Anyone who is interested in building their own homes – either independently or with friends was welcome so we look forward to seeing what is developed.

Angie Doran, Self-build Coordinator at Glasgow City Council, said: “The city council is keen to promote alternative, affordable models of housing. Glasgow’s population is growing and we want to retain people within the city by providing for growing households. Self-build provides the opportunity for people to work together – sharing costs and building relationships as they build their houses. Self-builders invest emotionally in their homes and are more likely to stay in the community for the long term.’

The development of sites for self- and custom-build homes in the city is part of Glasgow City Council’s People Make Glasgow Home strategy, which aims for the building of 25,000 new homes over the next 10 years. So we look forward to hearing about other self build events taking place in Glasgow.

There also was a very interesting article from The Herald shared on Linked in about ‘Reinventing Glasgow: what the Dear Green Place can learn from Rotterdam’ which links to the above project.

Plans for our Home:

Natasha Marshall Fabrics and Wallcoverings

When building our own home we knew it was also time to go it alone and create the fabric designs we love to live with in our interiors. We wanted simple geometric designs which were timeless and didn’t detract from the architectural space we had created with our architects but instead complemented it. We were inspired to create a relaxed and happy space with the flair of modern design.

For our own studio collections we knew we wanted to use British Manufacturers. It allows us to focus on the celebration of the rich heritage and quality manufactures we have in the UK. We value and recognise the craftsmanship and quality which is available within the UK and I believe this is loved by our customers as well. In the mid to high end of the Interiors market we can compete on costs using the UK manufacturing giving us a competitive strength and each of our chosen manufacturers can deliver volume product quickly. In short, the manufacturers we work with are world class.

Last week we had a few days working away with one of these UK printers as you see see from my photos on Instagram or Facebook.

At Natasha Marshall we strongly believe that everyone should be able to have good design, colour and pattern in their homes. As pattern and colour brings happiness into a home and it is wonderful for us to see how people use our designs. Then on top of that to actually do a self build is the icing on the cake and so possible. Please do get in touch if you have any questions and if you missed Building the Dream last week remember to watch it! Our house was featured on the Fife build due to us having a glass floor!

Have a great week ahead and keep your eyes open for unloved buildings that could be used again as homes or office!