Plectrum & Flip Rugs being Hand-Tufted

We had an amazing afternoon seeing the Plectrum & Flip Rugs being Hand-Tufted. They are being created for a new installation going into the KI Europe offices during next weeks Clerkenwell Design Week. You can go and see the finished results at their open house from the 23-25th May, just 5 minutes walk from Farringdon Station.

The collaboration with KI Europe has been a wonderful project exploring the trend of bringing the home into the office. We have loved working with them discussing patterns, colours, textures and new materials. #LoveYourWorkspace

Offices, living rooms, university campuses and trendy hotels are increasingly alike, and this is no accident. With our established reputation in domestic and hospitality interiors that we have built over the past 20 years, it is a joy to see this cross over. I truly believe that traditionally domestic treatments and pattern offer a great opportunity to enhance workspaces. Creating happy places to work and feel proud to be working in.

We can’t wait to share more photos and more details about the project next week.

Plectrum & Flip Rugs being Hand-Tufted

We went to see our Plectrum & Flip rugs being Hand-Tufted in Scotland. As a brand we love showcasing the best of British manufacturing and these rugs are a wonderful example. It was amazing to see the guys working with such patience and skill at all the different stages of the rug making.

They start by hand drawing out the design we provide onto the canvas. They then start hand-tufting the rug. Each rug has to be made by one person so you don’t see variation in the thickness of lines. Once the rug is tufted they then paint the back with a glue. This is left to dry for a day before they cut the canvas down. The rugs are then sheared to give a consistent finish to the front of the rug.

Bring pattern & colour into the office environment:

Rugs are a great way to bring pattern into your office environment. We have used wool so they are hard wearing. We then look forward to showing you how the rugs work with cushions and curtains or fabric panels in the workspace.

I truly believe pattern and colour make you smile. People also feel proud working in an environment that looks cool. We saw this first hand when we first moved into the new design studio we built in 2007, The Printworks.

Our simple geometric designs are timeless and don’t detract from the architectural space or corporate office, yet bring a feeling of happiness into the environment. We were inspired to create a relaxed and happy space with the flair of modern design in the KI reception area to showcase how pattern and colour work. Come and see what you think.

Event – KI Europe Open House #LoveYourWorkplace

Tuesday 23rd May – Thursday 25th May 2017

Time 09.00 – 17.30

Location: KI Europe London HQ, Level 3, New Fetter Lane, 8-10 New Fetter Place, London EC4A 1AZ.

If visiting CDW2017 KI Europe is 10 minute walk from Clerkenwell. You can visit them for light refreshments, Wifi and more….