“Hello My Name is Paul Smith” Exhibition

Inspiring exhibition about Paul Smith and behind the scenes…

The “Hello My Name is Paul Smith” Exhibition at the Design Museum is superb. Such an amazing man, designer and creative inspiration. The exhibition really told the story well of his journey from a small shop in Nottingham and gave a real insight into his way of thinking.

Agree with his thoughts: Really look and see – visual diary with a camera and notebook. Be curious what if I do that, what if I do that…Spend time really seeing, importance of simplicity.

When we came out of the exhibition it was wonderful to see him there and get to say hi…. He was signing programs for lots of people so I got mine done as well as I told him how much I had enjoyed the exhibition! He was known to make regular visits to Shad Thames during the exhibition.

Learning more about what makes him tick…

The exhibition and the book that goes with it “Hello my name is Paul Smith” fashion and other stories are a great insight into how he has developed his company and design ideas from very humble beginnings in Nottingham.

I can relate to the way he keeps track of his ideas in a notebook, scraps of paper and with his camera. It talks about how he is always hungry  for new ideas, and he always wants to record them in some way, even though his dyslexia means that he is not exactly an enthusiastic reader of text. They captured this so well in the exhibition throughout.

Paul Smiths first shop to a worldwide leading fashion brand.

He opened his first shop in Nottingham in 1970 which was open 2 days a week, which would be called a pop up shop today. He is now the leadership of a worldwide creative business that directly employs thousands of people.

The exhibition takes you through how diverse his working day is and how he likens it to spinning plates – hoping from a design meetings 9-12 then a shop design meeting at 12, then a interview with a magazine, then business meetings with the MD and then looking at colours with the design team. He still loves it because of the variety and how interesting this makes it.