Pattern inspiration in Madrid

Pattern inspiration out & about in Madrid.

Sharing pattern inspiration, photos taken out and about in Madrid and how these will inspire new designs we create in the NM studio. Visiting any new city or place for a textile designer is bliss as there is pattern & colour inspiration everywhere. In this blog we will try and share with you how a new place inspire us with the photos we take to remind us of pattern and colour inspiration we see.

Seeing a city behind a textile designers eyes and camera lets you see how much inspiration is all around us everyday for design and colour.

Geometric patterns in Madrid….

The Palacio Real was full of pattern which included many geometrics that worked with the very decorative style throughout. This is Madrid’s fabulous Royal Palace inspired by Bernini’s designs for the Louvre in Paris.

The floors in Madrid where covered in pattern inspiration. I have always loved pavement designs which have inspired my work since art school days! Simple elegant geometrics that work brilliantly for interior textiles and wallcoverings.

The Caixa Forum art centre and exhibition on about Alvar Aalto was full of geometric inspiration for patterns and textures.

Walking around the city by day and night there were so many patterns and colours to inspire.

Stripes inspiration in Madrid….

Spots and circles inspiration in Madrid……

Decorative Pattern Inspiration in Madrid….

We look forward to sharing new designs as they evolve from all this visual pattern inspiration over the coming months and even years. Including them in our blog we find is a great way to also reference ideas quickly. We usually start a project with a theme so pull images we have taken that fit with the mark-making and theme we are trying to get inspired to create. Drawing from our photographs to create initial pattern ideas. We then start to think of the patterns as fabric or wallpaper designs and how these would work in an interior setting. The scale and colour of a finished design is just as important as we want our customers to love their fabrics and wallpapers for years to come and not just be trend led.

We will create a blog post soon following a new design project so you can see the different stages visually.