Palma full of Colour Inspiration

Palma full of Colour Inspiration:

Palma is a magical city full of colour inspiration and I wanted to share a few of my favourite photos from my last trip in my Monday blog. These photos are great for us in the studio when we are working on colour combinations for fabric and wallpaper design inspiration. We have been working on colour ideas for a new project and these are a selection of the photos that have inspired us today.

The old town is such a mix of different styles of architecture and the mix of old and new is what gives it it’s charm for us. This is especially apparent in the Sta. Catalina area were I took many of these photos.

We love walking round looking into all the different houses, apartments and restaurant to see their interiors. They use a lot of pattern and colour in their interiors. Our favourite interior and restaurant being Patron Lunares which is a superb interior, good and atmosphere!

Or what about this coffee shop we found – the roof pattern and the Danish furniture makes it such a magical space!

I will write our favourite places for 48 hours in Palma very soon as I love capturing the lists of favourite places for friends and family to share. It is our favourite city break as you get to cycle and swim in the sea as well!

Natasha Marshall bestsellers of the week:

I love seeing what the favourite of the week have been in our studio collections. Last week Pompom Coral was the most ordered fabric, Plectrum Feather Grey the most sampled fabric and Drift Sand favourite wallpaper! The Pompom design is in our Alegre Collection, Plectrum is in our Ikon collection and Drift wallpaper in or Tandem collection.

We love it when you mix our patterns together so please do share your photos so we can see how you use our fabrics and wallpapers in your home interiors?

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the sunshine x