Outside Inspiration and Yoga!

Away this weekend with friends for a very special time of outside inspiration and Yoga! It was a magical yoga retreat, year two on Amanda and John’s Yoga Mix retreat. I would recommend this to anyone as they are wonderful teachers, cooks and people to spend time with. Then our last class on Sunday afternoon was held outside overlooking the valley and words cannot describe how special this was……

The retreat was in a  Coach House in Kirkpatrick Durham in Dumfries & Galloway which is on a farm with lots of quirky Llamas and chickens around. The chickens were fascinated by us doing our yoga and came to watch every class.

The yoga: Vinyasa flow Yoga is a dynamic sequence of postures linking movement with the breath in a flowing style, intelligently sequenced to challenge the whole body. These classes are used to build endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility, while calming the mind.

The home-made food Amanda and John made all weekend was incredible. We also had cooking lessons on the Saturday night and we made delicious carrot cakes with quinoa and ice lollies with coconut milk!

It was a very special time to spend with three very close friends, friends we made at last years retreat and meet new. We had lots of fun pushing ourselves hard in our yoga classes (I am still a complete beginner!) as well as long walks talking, giggling and enjoying meals together.

The coach house has been beautifully extended and it has inspired me as we must also do our sedum roof at home this year with wild flowers like this. Also talking with my friend Fi about her sketchbook work she has inspired me to start mine again. I also spent time taking photos of all the wonderful flowers and landscapes around which I think you will agree were stunning from the few I have shared in my Monday blog this week. We did try to get to the beach on Sunday but the road was closed for a marathon, 10k and kids run so we went to Castle Douglas instead! No castle but we found a lovely lake to walk round!!

Nothing like some peaceful yoga vibes and wonderful company of friends to restore and recharge for the week ahead….. x

Last Weeks Favourite Designs & Colours:

I love seeing our favourite designs and colours at the end of each week. Last weeks was Pompom Firecracker was our best selling fabric, most sampled fabric Link Firecracker and wallpaper Shoot Skylight. It is always so weird when our favourites all work together as they are sent out all across the UK and abroad to different customers. I hope we get to see interior photos to see how these designs are used in your homes. Pompom or Link would make stunning curtains or blinds and within your interior you can also add the Shoot Skylight as the blue also appears in Pompom. Or you might decide to have Shoot Skylight on your walls, plain curtains and cushions in Pompom firecracker? Or I would love to see Link Firecracker used in a very minimalist white interior for a string modern feel. I love having fun with pattern and you can create very different looks with our simple elegant designs.

These designs are included in our Alegre and Tandem wallpaper collections which are both printed in the UK.

Please do share photos of your Natasha Marshall interiors as we love to see how you are using the designs. Have a great inspired week x