Out and About in London

I had a great few days out and about in London and have included a selection photos that inspired me on this trip.

They are full of patterns, colours, textures, blue sky and sunshine!

The sky was full of air travel, blossom and budding trees! Such a lovely time of year to visit London.

I loved visiting the Patriot Building in Bethnal Green – Town Hall Hotel and Apartments. It is a stunning mix of the original town hall which opened in 1910 and the new cutting edge modern architecture section, which joins perfectly with the use of laser cut Art-Deco inspired veil.

The walls outside and the floors inside the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood were stunning.

I then visited the new Bert and May warehouse and loved their tiles and work space including the Banksy on the way in! Can’t wait to have a  project to use these on. The Bethnal Green area is full of inspiration and interesting projects along the canal.

Lastly I visited one of my favourite lunch spots in between meetings – Flat Planet near Liberty. They have a great selection of fresh food and drink and I love walking past all the shop windows in this area which are always great to see. My favourite was – ‘Create your Own Sunshine’.