Natasha Marshall Design Studio – Behind the scenes.

Natasha Marshall design studio – Behind the scenes.

Find out more about the Natasha Marshall Design Studio –  behind the scenes on how we start to create patterns & work as ghost designers. In 2009 we set up the Glasgow based design studio side of our business working predominantly as ghost designers. We work with mills around the world creating collections for a number of high profile clients based throughout the UK and Europe.

These brands we work with sell worldwide into a wide number of sectors including retail, hotel, cruise, leisure and healthcare. The team at Natasha Marshall all pride themselves in supplying fabrics and wallcoverings that are both imaginatively designed, in keeping and coloured with each brands handwriting, as well as technically suitable for each sector.

From traditional too modern design.

All designs in the Natasha Marshall studio start with drawing, paint, inks or lino cutting.

We create very diverse work for each client from modern through to traditional designs and collections. We are trend and market aware, specialising in creating patterns, taking the initial design through the development and production process working with mills all-around the world to the finished textile product or collection, depending on what our client requirements are.

The different stages of our design service.

We work to our clients brief and brand handwriting so designs or collections from our studio seamlessly fit in with their current ranges. Each stage below can be incorporated into the service that we offer depending on what the clients requirements are. Projects are tailor-made for each client.

Create Trends & Mood boards / Researching Markets / Creating Designs & Collections / Colouring collections / Manufacturing choices & production / Pattern book artwork and design / photo-shoots & styling / 3D CAD design for trade shows.

You can see more visual details about these areas of expertise by visiting ‘What We Do’.

History of Natasha Marshall Ltd.

Natasha Marshall and Neil Fullerton have been working in the textile industry creating fabrics and wallpapers for 18 years since they established their own company in 1997. They run this exciting design studio based in a building they designed and built with architect friends in Otago Street, Glasgow. The team at Natasha Marshall Design studios are experienced ghost designers whilst the Natasha Marshall brand is also renowned for their own in-house graphic studio collections. These ranges of fabrics and wallpapers and associated home accessories are all stocked and sold from a seperate floor in The Printworks, 10 Otago Street, Glasgow.