Oil painting lessons began!

I used to love painting at art school in oils but haven’t used them since, for nearly 20 years, until this weekend when the oil painting lessons began! Neil’s mum is a wonderful painter and it was such a treat to go and paint with her this weekend. I look forward to many more days being spent painting there, getting guidance and learning from her.

I had forgotten how hard it is to get the layers of colour so my first attempt this weekend is just the beginning. I look forward to trying again next weekend with a new composition. I need to losen up the brush marks, it is all a bit tight in this first attempt!

I love the idea of getting the levels of colour that can be created only with oils into our textiles. There will need to be lots of practice first but I look forward to sharing ideas as they evolve. The layers of colours you get with oils can be exquisite.

It was a whole weekend absorbed in colour inspiration with painting, gardening and cooking.

Cooking I made my first Persian meal on Sunday night which was incredible with chicken, rice, almonds, pomegranate and coriander which looked stunning served on a red Moroccan patterned dish. The recipe was on the front cover of the Sainsbury magazine this month, well worth trying as so easy and yummy!

In my garden I added white and yellow violas, which I love using on salads! White foxgloves in the shaded area where very little likes to grow, although my Acer tree I planted last year is looking very happy there! I also added bonemeal to all the pots and planters along with feed to get the ground ready for the new season planting soon. Next weekend I will plant courgettes, pumpkins, sunflower seeds to grow inside before planting next month. Plus buy sweet peas plugs which I plant into toilet rolls full of soil for 4 weeks before planting out. I also can’t wait to get all the lettuces, spinach and herbs going as that is the best treat not having to buy bagged ones!

Busy week ahead visiting printers and new manufacturers for new devlopments we are working on in Lancaster and Manchester area this week which will be good. We have so many wonderful manufacturers in this country so it is a real treat to work with them on our Natasha Marshall studio collections and design studio work.

Lastly I was so sad to hear about the sudden passing of Architect Zaha Hadid last week. She was a very inspiring women and I have loved photographing her buildings and installations over the years that I have been lucky enough to have seen. I have added a few of my favourite photographs I have found so far.