Mixing Natasha Marshall Patterns and Colours for Interiors.

Mixing Natasha Marshall Patterns and Colours.

We love mixing our Natasha Marshall patterns and colours together to see which combinations work well for interiors. Our fabrics can be used to make curtains, blinds, cushions and upholstered furniture for your home. Or you can mix our wallpapers and fabrics together to create a modern interior.

Graphic designs.

In this photo we have used Shoot, warm sand wallcovering from our Tandem collection. Drift, nightshade / Billow, sea fog / Link, Pewter on the rolls of fabrics. Drift, Nightshade / Link, Sea fog / Zip, nightshade / Alibi, midnight on the ladder from the top. Fabrics are a mix from our two print collections Ikon, Alegre and Alibi.

We love using all these designs for curtains or blinds – have a look online and order samples of your favourite designs or pop into see you local Natasha Marshall stockists to get help in choosing fabrics and wallpapers for your home.

Creating a Modern Home.

By adding pattern to your home through the use of contemporary fabrics and wallcoverings you can create your own personal look. The use of different designs and colours also brings a wonderful calming happiness to your interior space.

When we are creating our fabric and wallcovering collections we are always thinking would we love to live with this design and colour in our home. The scale of a design or tone of colour can change the feelings dramatically.

Me personally I love using Drift for curtains and blinds as the graphic wave pattern has such a wonderful flow to it. I then love to add bolder patterns through the cushions, rugs and lampshades. We find that Drift gets used in very contemporary through to more traditional homes as it’s simplicity and quality linen cotton cloth works with both looks – a subtle way to bring in pattern and texture.