A look back at our 2015 highlights

Natasha Marshall – A look back at our 2015 highlights.

As 2015 draws to a close, we have been looking back on our busy and exciting year. It has been a superb year working on our own studio collections alongside our client projects on the design studio side of the business. We have all had a very creative fulfilling year and are now looking forward to the Christmas holidays to chill!

Launching our own studio fabric & wallpaper collections.

So much has happened, but the launch of our own studio collections has to be the highlight of our year. We have been overwhelmed by the incredible reception from you all for our new fabrics and wallpapers and we can’t thank you all enough for making it such an exciting time for us.

Exhibiting our collections at Trade Shows:

We really enjoyed exhibiting again at The Interior showcase in Dunblane, our pop-up Design Scotland Collective show in London in March and Decorex in London in September.

All designs have been so well received but the top winners for us have definitely been Flip in Alegre as fabric and Tandem as a wallpaper along with our Drift fabric in Ikon. We love hearing everyone’s favourite patterns and colourways and do try to share this weekly visually across all our social media platforms.

Natasha Marshall Design Studio

We have also loved occupying the top level of the studio Natasha and Neil built with architect friends Cameronwebster. It has worked really well for order and sampling dispatch with the design studio separate in the ground floor. It is a great space to occupy as you can see from the photograph we have included above.

Natasha Marshall Design Studio Work for other brands.

Meanwhile the design studio work we do for others as Ghost designers continues to grow and we have some very exciting new ranges launching next year for clients. This work continues to go from strength to strength working with mills all over the world to create the finished products for them. We create the patterns from scratch through to the colouring, confirming up and coming trends through to finished product in their warehouses. We travel to the mills shows in Frankfurt, Como, Brussels and Istanbul as well as working directly at the mills when required, so we develop products that are ordinal for their market.

Showcasing the best of British design & manufacturing.

For our own studio ranges we continue to focus on showcasing the best of British design and manufacturing and there will be some very exciting new additions coming next year. We love working at the printers and you can see the Ikon collection printing on our blog. You can also see Natasha and Neil’s home being featured in Grand Designs magazine in February issue that showcases their own fabrics throughout. It was the building of their own home that instigated the launch of the studio collections as they could not find any fabrics that they loved and felt enhanced the architectural space. It is a house that expresses their attitude the towards design, interiors and living. At this stage there were no wallpapers used but now Tandem is launched they will work out how to incorporate them in 2016.

Trends for 2016.

As you follow our thoughts on social media you will see that Natasha, Neil and the team at Natasha Marshall find inspiration all around them even in the most ordinary objects – the best place to see this is on Natasha’s Instagram feed. The trends for 2016 include a lot of colour and pattern so we look forward to sharing these ideas through our blog to help your customers visualise how to use colour and pattern in their homes. You can view our sum up for Spring/Summer 2016 in our trends blog post – Linear Landscape, Blue Hues and Understated brights.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the fantastic support throughout this very big year for Natasha Marshall. We wish you all a very happy festive season and a great year ahead for 2016.

Merry Christmas from the team at Natasha Marshall x