La Foundation Louis Vuitton

I loved visiting the La Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris.

Designed by Canadian-America architect Frank Gehry to resemble a cloud of glass – the building’s form is created by 12 curving sails & inspired by old sailing boats. It is such an interesting building to visit and there was a great exhibition on Gehry showing models and a film of where the building is placed in Paris.

The exhibition titled ‘Olafur Eliasson Contact’ was just incredible and has been extended until the 23rd February 2015. It was such a wonderful experience to walk amongst and to view his installation pieces.

Olafur Eliasson is a Danish-Icelandic artist – born 1967 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The large installation art he has created uses light, shadow, water and air temperature which really enhances the viewers experience, amazing. #EliassonFLV