Joan Miro Studio & Home – Creative Paradise

Joan Miro Studio & Home – Creative Paradise

Joan Miro Studio & Home was like visiting a creative paradise in Palma – Miro Foundation. It was such a treat to see this and the new building that his wife had built to showcase his work, that opened in 1992. Here in Joan Miro’s studio & home he created over a third of all his work over a 25 year period and you can see why as it was such a peaceful place, full of inspiration everywhere you looked. Our visit to the Miro Foundation was the highlight of my holiday weekend away last week to Palma, Majorca. Walking around his studio, house and gardens was so inspiring for us and taking photos I could see and feel the inspiration he took for his own work from his surroundings. Visually it was a treat to go there from both an architectural and artistic gallery angle.

Background history about Miro

Miro and his wife Pilar Juncosa left the artist’s studio and their home to the city of Palma. After his death in 1983 Pilar sold pieces of his work to build the new building as the foundations headquarters. This building was designed by Rafael Moneo that opened in 1992. It is a stunning piece of architecture that showcases Miro’s work beautifully and you can see from my photos how the architecture enhances the way  his work is exhibited.

Joan Miro was born in Barcelona in April 1893. His mother was Majorcan so they had spent most summers in Majorca. Then he married Pilar a Majorcan women in 1929.

It was 1956 that he settled full time in this area Son Abrines, Palma. His studio was designed by a great friend Catalan architect Joseph Lluis Sert. He felt it was a extraordinary place that give him the freedom to work and looking round his garden you can see where so much of his inspiration came from in the shapes he used in his paintings and sculptures. It was amazing to see and feel what a wonderful creative haven they had created together. He worked from here until his death in 1983.

Photos that inspired us during our visit….

A Creative Paradise in Palma Majorca. The architecture, art, sculpture & gardens were so inspiring to see last week and I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as we do for feel inspired. I can’t wait to go back again one day soon. A must visit in Palma.