Interior Trends Spring Summer 2016.

Looking at the Interior Trends Spring Summer 2016.

The key Interior Trends Spring Summer 2016 are Understated Brights, Blue Hues and Linear Landscape. These are our favourite trends for SS16. We have created trend boards so you can see our inspiration photos and how these relate to our fabrics and wallpapers.

Many of our inspiration photos included on these boards pop up as Natasha see’s them on her Instagram feed so do follow her.

Understated Brights Trend SS16:

Bright, light and airy, this trend focuses on grown-up pastel tones. An optimistic palette of happy, positive shades mixed with warm neutrals.

Nearly bright and almost pastel these subtle shades sit in-between. Clever and unexpected patterns fro striking, architectural forms are right on trend. To make a bolder statement contrast these against blocks of warm neutral tones.

Colours are off beat but easy to live with.

Fabrics to look at for this trend are our Plectrum, Billow, Zip, Drift, Always colourways in the Ikon collection – focusing mainly on our colours Apple & Sea Fog. You can use these fabrics for your curtains, blinds or cushions  as a great starting point to creating this trend in your home.

Wallpapers to look at in our Tandem collection for this trend include Shoot in surf spray & thistle, Plectrum in lemon slice, Flip in thistle and lemon slice and Pompom lemon slice.

Blue Hues Trend SS16:

Blue is such a versatile colour and during SS16 it’s going to play a big role. In certain shades Blue is calming and relaxing but in others it can be vibrant and energetic.

We love the pattern inspiration and different Blue hues which can be seen in vintage ceramic tiles. Mix Blue with white for a fresh, crisp look or pair with warm green for subtle complementary contrast.

Our favourites fabrics for this trend are Drift and Zip in the Ikon collection in our Nightshade colourway. Pompom or Bud in nightshade mixed with Link in cactus from Alegre. Misty Blues in Beanstalk and Always designs in the Ikon collection. All these fabrics make stunning curtains or blinds as the base of your modern interior.

Or wallpapers from our Tandem collection you can choose from Shoot in Skylight, Flip in Nightshade & Pompom nightshade. Or you can mix Shoot in cactus with the blue fabrics.

Linear Landscapes Trend SS16:

Landscapes and geological rock formations provide the starting point for this trend. Designs made up of fluid lines and geometric elements hint at the original, natural, rugged inspiration.

Softly weathered and washed colours of the landscape in the early morning and dusk provide a subtle, calming colour palette. To create interiors with on-trend interest, take inspiration from the landscape and mix contrasting texture of fabrics and furnishings.

We love this trend and the colours and textures this brings into interiors for SS16. All our naturals derive from these photos we have taken of landscapes and the cities pavements over the years. You can look at all our current ranges to get interior inspiration – Ikon, Alegre, Alibi and Tandem.

Please send us photos of your interiors:

We look forward to you sharing photos of your interiors next year so we can see how the trends influence your homes.