Inspiring day of design Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

Inspiring day of design Clerkenwell Design Week 2017. It was a great day going to see the office installations at KI and explore the show this year #CDW2017. An amazing day of design, inspiration and meeting with friends. I also love the mix of old and modern architecture in this area of London.

My favourites to see at #CDW2017 were:

Double Vision by Hakwood – pattern installation using their wall tile range. A company after my own heart with the quote ‘The piece celebrates pattern and form and its powers to brighten and energise’.

Cane-line Danish company showing in the outside garden – the furniture was stunning and so comfortable. I think it would look amazing used on the roof terrace in the Edinburgh flats development we are working on. So comfortable without needing cushions. Also loved their outside foot-stool and rugs, stunning. Working under the slogan ‘Life made comfortable’. Also want to design my own garden round these pieces.

kusch+co – loved the entrance to their offices and would like to use this flooring on our driveway rather than tarmac. Plus the furniture relaunched from the 60’s was so comfortable and sculptural. The chaise long reminded us of stingrays from some angles.

Bloomon Urban Meadow pop-up show – I loved the flower arrangements they do – They have a really natural wild flower feel to them, very unusual. #VoiceOfColour designed with 10,000 flower stems to create a meadow that emerges fearlessly from the concrete streets of London.

deVol kitchens Simple Furniture, beautifully made in The British Collection in The Crypt. I would love to have one of their kitchens and use the ceramics in it, stunning.

Dedar fabric boxes that let you play with colour and pattern.

Clerkenwell bars and restaurants

We had a wonderful Italian lunch in Polpo which was a real treat. It was a very special day discussing design, interiors and projects with Kathy and my Mum.

Plus loved popping into The Zetter Hotel – which looks like a lovely place to stay. Need to plan to have lunch, drinks and a stay very soon. The patterned walls with art over the top works so well. Plus clever use of space and mix of old and new throughout the building which gives such character and individuality.

KI Europe – Using pattern and colours in offices

The day started at KI steaming the curtains and checking the space looked good. Then headed back up to KI after CDW to show mum the rugs we have been working on.

They are all really pleased with the way pattern has created a reception area visitors and the team at KI now love to sit in and use. It is wonderful to see how the sets look just like the renders we created. Pattern and colour has really worked in this office space. We look forward to seeing how this evolves and changes people’s offices.


I really would love to have had another day exploring the show as it is as much about experiencing the area as the show itself!