Hanging curtains and blinds, London!

Had a wonderful weekend – hanging curtains and blinds, London!….Not all hard work though as after the job was done it was cocktails, great food and galleries!

My sister-in-law’s husband now lives and works in London during the week so we have been helping do up their new flat. We installed Sophie semi shear blinds to help with the privacy and light control in the flat. These were ordered through www.makeablind.co.uk and they mix perfectly with our Plectrum feather grey curtains that were also made for the two rooms in the flat. The lovely soft grey & neutral palette of the walls, flooring, fabrics and sofa are perfect for a flat that needs to feel calm and homely and at the same time work well as a rental flat in the future – the neutral whites and greys then allows who-ever is staying in the flat to add their own personal touches to this modern interior.

I also really love calm interiors like this myself where the curtains and walls all flow together, for me I find it minimalist and calming to live in. Next to be added we think are Flip lemon slice cushions in the sitting room and PomPom LemonSlice in the bedroom, as cushions on the bed, to add the pops of colour to each room. Once all the furniture and paintings are added that will also finish the look off perfectly for this sunny modern city flat. Looking forward to taking photos when it is finished but still added a few photos at this stage in case it helps with interior inspiration for your own homes!

Reasons for choosing type of curtains & poles:

Both rooms have blackout curtains in the Natasha Marshall Plectrum fabric, this is so both rooms can be used as bedrooms. I always like to use blackout linings in bedrooms, so you don’t get woken up earlier than you want to! Normally I would do sitting room curtains or blinds with a standard cotton lining so the light shining through shows the fabric weave, but if you plan to use the room for a home cinema or a spare bedroom a blackout lining is what I would suggest to choose. Because it is a small modern flat we also went for the brushed steel poles with eyelets on the curtains rather than tracks, which I think you will all agree works well in the space. Can’t wait to share more photos once the furniture, paintings and cushions are all added as just now it is a great blank canvas for adding the owners homely feel.

Out and About in London.

St Katherine Dock which is a stunning quite, but buzzy haven in the middle of London. I love looking out over all the boats. They had a boat show on this weekend with lots of superb street food stalls.

Once the jobs were done we also had a wonderful walk over Tower Bridge enjoying the sunshine, along to The Shard for cocktails overlooking London – a must do treat!

On Sunday it was a gorgeous day so we took the boat from Tower Bridge to Bankside to meet my mum for lunch at the Tate Modern. It is a great perk joining the Tate as their members room is on level 5 overlooking St Paul’s so we had a great lunch there. We then went to see the Mona Hatoum and Performing for the Camera exhibitions. The Mona Hatoum exhibition was very moving and tackled so many really hard experiences in her life and the world we live in.

The area were the Tate Modern is such a lovely part of London to walk around and every time I go I am amazed even though I grew up in London and have been so many times it never disappoints.


Late flight home after a really special weekend enjoying some long needed sunshine! The sunsets all the way home where stunning.

Favourite patterns and colourways of the week:

At the end of each week I love seeing the favourite designs of the week – last weeks most ordered fabric was Plectrum sand, most sampled fabric Billow misty blue & Flip lemon slice wallpaper. Flip lemon slice wallpaper and Plectrum sand fabric as curtains, blinds or cushions would work together in an interior so we wonder if anyone is using them together in their homes – hope they share photos soon?

Competition Entry – Voom Virgin Media Business #Pitch2Rich

Neil also had a busy weekend editing and finishing our #Voom2016 Pitch to Rich entry. During filming we were trying different cushions on our sofa – Loved these Vista & Tor Festival cushions, see what you think? You can see the full Natasha Marshall cushion collection at Sterling Furniture shops in their Homestores or Martin & Frost. Designed & Made in Scotland.

To view our #VOOM2016 Virgin Media Business entry please click on the link and it would be great if you could help us win by voting: https://www.vmbvoom.com/pitches/natasha-marshall-ltd