Ham Yard Hotel – Stylist magazine event, London

Stylist event – Life Lessons held in Ham Yard Hotel, London

Vicki and I enjoyed attending the Stylist magazine event, Life Lessons. It was a superb night of talks and meeting other like minded women.

The speakers were Kirstie Allsopp, June Sarpong and Leyla Hussein.

The main room we all started in for a glass of wine was also full of design inspiration from the patterned chairs, patterned walls, paintings and twirling oranges coming from the roof to the bar!

Tour round the hotel – Inspiring use of pattern and colour.

We so enjoyed looking round the hotel seeing Kit Kemp’s amazing use of fabrics, colour, pattern and texture in every room. This is a wonderful addition to Firmdale Hotels list of properties. Every room and area is stunning and individual.

The acoustics are also very good with all the main bar area and dining room walls covered in patterned fabric.

Cocktails and Ice Cream Sandwiches!

We ended the evening with cocktails and ice-cream sandwiches in the bar which was great fun and busy! Ham Yard Hotel is a definite must for coming to stay in when in London, a real treat and lots of fun.