Giving birds & wildlife a home in My Garden.


I have loved creating a garden from scratch that is now giving birds & wildlife a home in my garden. My Garden is a wonderful source of inspiration and relaxation. It is the time of year to start looking at and planning your garden so that was high on my agenda this holiday weekend, as there are changes and additions that need to be made. Some things have worked and others not….! Follow me in Instagram to see photos that inspire me.

Hope you all had a lovely relaxing holiday weekend. It was a great time to chill and spend time with family this Easter weekend / Time for box set watching due to the rain, so now finally watching series two of House of Cards! / Watching the boat races… close to sinking! / cooking lots of delicious food / in-between rain and hailstones we had sunshine so enjoyed a little bit of work on the garden.

My city garden has really come on from a empty space in 2012, when we built our home, to now attracting so many birds and wildlife – saw the first bees this weekend! The bird feeder we have placed near our corner bush and under the tree that overhangs from the tenement flats garden has worked a treat, as it allows the birds to fly in and out of the garden. It is fascinating watching so many busy blue tits, coal tits, great tits, robins, wood pigeons, black birds and sparrows spotted so far using it. There are also two magpies making a nest in a tree next to our house. They do say once you start feeding birds you must continue all year round. We also have a water container next to the bird feeder as this is important.

Next month I look forward to starting the seed planting for my edible garden. The last two years have been amazing growing herbs, carrots, courgettes, pumpkins, mange tout, green beans, pea shoots, spinach, lettuces, edible flowers, rhubarb, strawberries and apples. Haven’t mastered onions or garlic yet! Even herbs such as thyme and rosemary are brilliant for insects. These all grow in pots along with ivy, honeysuckle, lavender, Rowan, sunflowers, sweet peas, daffodils, crocuses and many other flowers to attract the wildlife and now have a pretty all year round garden. It is amazing how much I can grow in such a small space. I grow most things in pots and containers which would work equally well on a balcony or patio or even hanging bags/ baskets!

We did have a toad last summer so I do want to look at how to include a small pond. Our grass has not worked as the garden is too overshadowed with trees and the white planters get too dirty in the Scottish weather! We were looking at different design ideas this weekend, which I look forward to sharing soon.

Last year I added a bird box and bee hotel, but they were too late to be used, as you should add these in the Autumn. This weekend a Blue Tit kept looking at my bird box, so fingers crossed they make a nest in there this year! I bought a cheap bird box and bee hotel which I painted with outside paint.

As I add to the garden I keep thinking about what will attract bees, butterflies and birds as I feel this is really important in a small city garden. Plus what works in each area depending on the light. I started with the ivy wall which our kitchen and living room face out too, this summer should hopefully see the wall completely covered after 3 years from cuttings I took from my aunt and uncles garden.

You can read more about why it is so important that we create safe homes, shelter and feed for wildlife in our gardens at