My garden full of pattern inspiration

My garden full of pattern inspiration and sunshine this weekend. Scotland hasn’t had the heat wave in the same way as the rest of the UK but still a beautiful Saturday.

The plants cast such pretty patterns in the sunlight. The white flowered Liberta Grandiflora and Aquilegia Chrysantha (or known as yellow queen) are wonderful plants to have in the big planters. Plus the bees love them both. The Aquilegia Chrysantha plant I got from the beautiful Benmore Botanic Gardens in Dunoon. The Liberta Grandiflora I got from the most amazing garden centre in Uplawmoor, just outside Glasgow, called McLaren’s nurseries. They have been a bit battered by all the rain this year but year 4 and still looking amazing.

It was the different patterns created in the light in the garden that I found so inspiring. The simple layering effect of pattern through light. These circles and plants could be the starting point to our next collection of fabrics and wallpapers.

The Acers, ferns climbing hydrangia with it’s pretty lace flower heads, grasses and ivy have all developed so well over the past 4 years since I first planted the garden.

Grow an Edible Garden in the city

Then in pots and half drainpipes I grow an edible garden that changes each season. Currently we have lots of different lettuces, rhubarb, pea shoots, violas & herbs. Looking forward to the spinach, kale, yellow courgettes, squashes, mange tout, radishes, strawberries, apples, nasturtiums and green beans that are all growing well. I was quite late putting these all in this year but hopefully all the rain and now sunshine will help them grow! You can’t beat fresh lettuce that’s my favourite party of summer making beautiful tasty salads straight from the garden. It is amazing what you can grow in a city garden in a very small area.

Gardening is a wonderful way to be more connected to the seasons. Plus I find doing even just 10 minutes after a day at the studio is a great way to switch off.

With gardening you are always learning!….e.g. My Rhubarb was looking sick and by adding lots of mulch round the roots it has started growing so well again!

Little Free Library – a box of books to share

Then on Twitter yesterday I saw this lovely post about Little Free Libraries and really want to build and add one to our gate! Such a lovely idea so people can share books and leave notes about each one! I have my kindle but I do still love an actual book. Plus I find you then remember the title and author as when you pick it up every-time you start reading you see the cover!

Design Studio Work

Exciting week ahead printing a new collection with a design studio client. I love this stage when you see the designs go from paper to fabric. We are flat bed printing the collection and there are lots of screens and colours in each pattern.

Hope you all have a good inspiring week ahead as well.