First signs of life in 2017

I love this time of year when I see the first signs of life in 2017 in my garden. It makes all the planting of bulbs worth it! When you get a day like Saturday that is cold and sunny the city is such a beautiful place to spend time. Also been a weekend of keeping up New Year resolutions……

My favourite Saturday mornings are when we have a bright blue sky in our hallway skylight. It creates  great geometric shapes that change with different shadows depending on the light and sunshine.

I had left my running kit in the studio so went for a very long walk instead through the parks in the West End of Glasgow. I saw a couple of early flowers popping through. Snowdrops and crocuses, but not many yet as it is a bit early! Added a few of my favourite city, landscape, architectural and nature photos I took over the weekend below.

Colour inspiration for our fabrics and wallpapers come from all around us. You can see from the photos of the tenements glowing in the sunshine this weekend where last weeks best selling wallpaper colourway started. Our Pompom Firecracker Wallpaper mixes the orange and blue that we are surrounded by in the West End Of Glasgow on a Winters sunny day.

New Year Resolutions for 2017:

  • Plan more trips and events. Concert and Cinema first attended this weekend! Have booked a trip to Sweden with family in May. Booked a Yoga weekend with friends in February, so a good start to 2017.
  • Finish the house and make a few interior changes to bring in a new pop of colour and pattern for 2017.
  • Cook every night from scratch when home and try lots of new dishes. A friend signed me up for Hello Fresh and this has been a great way to get out of our usual food choices. I love cooking but during the week we had started cooking the same food virtually every week, which is not me!! These recipes are so tasty and quick and easy to cook. We just do 3 days a week and will do it a few times a month going forward as we are away traveling a lot.

I had a special night at a Nicola Benedetti concert on Friday night, she played beautifully. Followed by the film LaLa Land on Saturday night, with a glass of wine in the Grosvenor Cinema! One of my New Years resolution in 2017 was to go to more concerts and films so a good start to January! Need to keep it up as so inspiring…

Next need to decide and agree on new interior changes. Planning adding wallpaper to two walls or a wall and steps! Plus change the cushions and colours in my sitting room. Need to get a quote for finishing the road entrance which was never completed after building our home and a few changes to the garden! Will let you see the ideas very soon……

Hope you enjoyed the weekend as well and have a good week planned ahead x