Drift Design Weekly Bestseller

Drift Design Weekly Bestseller across the Board last week! Best selling fabric Drift Apple. Most sampled fabric was Drift Nightshade. Best selling wallpaper Drift Feather Grey. We hope we get to see photos of peoples homes with these fabrics and wallpapers installed. Remember to share by email or #NMinteriors so we can find them.

Natasha: ‘This made me smile as this is my favourite design. I love the simplicity, texture and colour it brings to a room.’

The Drift design was first designed in 2005 and has since been recoloured and launched in our Ikon collection for fabrics and Tandem for wallpapers. It has always been one of the best selling designs due to its simplicity.

The ‘Drift’ design inspiration came from Natasha’s photographs of pavements about and about in Glasgow.

You can see photos and a video of the Ikon Collection being printed in the UK on our blog.

Philosophy behind Natasha Marshall Designs.

Since we started designing fabrics and wallpaper in 1997 we have created simple geometric designs that we would love to live with. We first started our company as we wanted to create designs that we felt were timeless and didn’t detract from the architectural space but instead complemented it. We wanted to create fabrics that architects would love to use!

Natasha Marshall designs are iconic and recognisable in the way we use geometric pattern, texture and colour in our fabrics, wallpapers, cushions and home products. You can then create beautiful, fun loving, bright but calm modern interiors with our simple elegant designs.

Good design should be accessible to everybody. We Design to inspire – showing how to put our designs together but also we are loving seeing how people create individual interiors mixing our patterns and colour in their own individual way.

Pattern and colour are key to creating a happy home where people want to spend time and feel inspired and refreshed and we hope that our Natasha Marshall Collections will help to achieve this.