Developing the concrete cube!

So excited to be starting to share progress of our new project developing the concrete cube! We are removing all the existing walls and cupboards first to get back to the #concretecube. This is our knick name for the project that has stuck!

We have been looking for a new building project for a while and lost a few we put offers in for. This flat was not what we planned but actually has been so inspiring to make us think differently. It is an ex-council flat in the heart of the west-end of Glasgow. Walking distance from all the best shops and restaurants. Our idea is to show people what you can do with a small space and not to worry what it looks like from the outside.  If it allows you to stay in your loved location just look for what you can afford. As Kirsty and Phil always say Location Location Location and I couldn’t agree more.

The first thing we did when we got the keys was to go and see it with architect Stuart Cameron from CameronWebster architects. This was so he could measure up the space and check that all the walls were non supportive and that we had bought a concrete box! When we started demolishing walls last weekend we still went carefully until we were 100% sure!

Wow what a rewarding job it is demolishing walls! Neil and I had such fun. It was the best tonic for feeling young again and giggling together! Plus stripping wallpaper off the walls that we are keeping. It is a weekend project for us as we both just love building projects. The process of working with the architect and trades people is an incredible experience for us. Seeing interior projects go from ideas, sketches, cad drawings, models through to finished places.

Developing the concrete cube idea:

Our idea is to be able to create a space where you can still have ten for dinner. Plus friends over to stay on a comfy bed! A space that works for different times of day with moving walls and foldaway beds. Follow our progress on this blog, or #concretecube and Instagram stories at the weekends for videos! Most of the work will happen over the weekend as this is currently a hobby for us! Plus get in touch and ask questions if you have a similar project on the go or are planning one. It is amazing what you can achieve with hard work and planning.

If you would like any help with your project please do get in touch. Most importantly I hope this inspires people to buy and create a special home in their prime location.