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Designer Wallpaper

Tandem Wallpaper Image ImageDesigner Wallpaper

To beautifully complement the Natasha Marshall modern fabrics Collections, the Glasgow based design studio have now created and launched a modern printed graphic wallpaper collection called Tandem.

Modern Contemporary Wallpaper

Tandem is a modern contemporary wallpaper collection which brings together the design team’s favourite designs from the Ikon and Alegre fabric ranges and is beautifully complemented by our plain woven Alibi collection. Designs in the printed graphic wallpaper collection include; Plectrum, Shoot, Drift, Flip, PomPom with two matching plain papers.

It is a designer wallpaper collection which combines bold printed patterns with softer, more subtle designs, creating a versatile collection suitable for use as a feature wall or as the basis for a whole interior scheme. The bold contemporary wallpaper designs can be matched with the perfectly subtle Plain wallpapers to create a beautiful modern interior.

Designer Wallpaper Collection

The designer wallpaper collection is printed in the UK onto a high quality, non-woven, paste-the-wall paper making it easy to use.

The Natasha Marshall studio, therefore, in the creation of the modern printed fabrics and wallpaper collections has used design and colour to create a contemporary interiors collection in the trademark graphic design style of the Glasgow based studio. The modern graphic collections are versatile and easy to use, whilst the results are stunning. The Plectrum design in particular has been an enduring product which has proved popular in both the Natasha Marshall printed fabrics and wallpaper collections. Its simple, retro oval pattern is enduring and eye-catching and its use always results in a statement interior. Drift, also from the Natasha Marshall Ikon collection is a simple but effective graphic design which is beautiful when used on both modern printed fabrics and on contemporary wallpapers. It is a warm, calm design the use of which will result in an elegant but modern interior.

In contrast to these modern fabrics and wallpaper, the Alegre Collection and designs are a bold, bright and floral inspired designer fabrics and wallpaper collections. They introduce colour and statement to an interior. Pompom, with its large floral shapes, brings the outside into an interior and is an inspiring, light and bright contemporary fabrics and wallpaper collection. The Pompom fabrics are uplifting and will work well as curtains and blinds or indeed the use of the Pompom wallpaper will result in a beautiful statement feature wall. Shoot by contrast, also from the Natasha Marshall modern fabrics and Wallpaper collections is more geometric in design. Its soft stem pattern is beautiful to work with and it’s use in both the designer fabrics and/or wallpaper will not disappoint.

All of the above demonstrate the versatility and impact of the new Natasha Marshall designer fabrics and wallpaper collections. They are enduring and elegant, modern and bright, bold and contemporary and an asset to any modern interior.

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