Clever Ideas for Christmas wrapping at Natasha Marshall

Why not use your Natasha Marshall wallpaper off-cuts for wrapping Christmas presents.

Christmas fun has started in the NM studio! Clever Ideas for Christmas wrapping at Natasha Marshall…..Kate is with us this week for work experience and she has been wrapping Christmas presents using our Tandem wallpaper off-cuts…. Here are a few behind the scenes photos! We look forward to sharing the photos we take using the presents with you!

We have been trying out different bow ideas and our favourite so far are the ones made from strips of wallpaper that make a flower on top of the present. We are trying out different colour combinations and we look forward to sharing these with you on the run up to Christmas.

We are just finishing off a gorgeous parcel using Shoot Skylight – if you haven’t already, have a look at which your favourite Tandem wallpapers are and order samples. Then if you wallpaper your room before Christmas you too can have left over paper for wrapping your special gifts!

Share your present photos with us.

Please share your present wrapping ideas with us as it is fascinating looking at colour and pattern combinations. We also can’t wait to see peoples Christmas trees coming up on Facebook and Instagram later next month to see all the pattern and colour combinations trending this year.

Hunting for old ribbons – end of lines.

I found all these lovely jewel coloured ribbons at a antiques fair in Edinburgh years ago and got a bag of them for a few pounds! Always worth keeping an eye out for end of lines when on sale to put in the present wrapping cupboard!

Or our favourite ribbon shop is VV Rouleaux in London. There used to be one in Glasgow but sadly it has gone. Or another shop that often has a good selection is John Lewis.

Magazine Inspiration.

Also if you want other ideas for wrapping and Christmas interior ideas we love getting the Christmas magazines in for inspiration. Our favourite so far this year are Red and Living Etc.

Still time to plan your favourite Natasha Marshall room.

You can view all our new fabrics and wallpapers online or visit your nearest NM stockist. There is still just time to have that room finished for Christmas to hang your stockings for Father Christmas coming! Or why not plan it for your Christmas wish list….