My City Garden full of inspiration

My city garden full of inspiration. It is amazing how much you can grow in a small city garden! I went from window boxes to starting a garden from scratch over the last 3 years which has been so much fun. I love trying different things and now have a few firm favourites I add every year!

This year I have really been pleased with the perennials I put in last year as it makes for easy gardening! My favourites are the Libertia Grandiflora – the grasses and white flowers which I think you will agree so suit the garden and I have intermixed them with other grasses, lupins and white flowers to give lots of different heights in the planter. Recently I have also added Aquulegia Chrysantha Yellow Queens and Campanula that the bees also love.

It is amazing how much wildlife we now get in the garden from being a concrete space to a wildlife haven. This has been topped by the blue tits nesting in the bird box I added last summer. You can watch them coming and going for hours and it is so amazing hearing their young chirping away when they are hungry!!

In the other planter the Acer tree and ferns are incredible, where as the Climbing Hydrangia and Rhubarb are not as happy in the soil this year- I need to look into why as they did so well last year!

My ivy wall is also covering well from my cuttings from my aunt and uncles garden! I need to take a few more cuttings to grow for the far left side which I will do one night this week. It is really easy to do as ivy has lots of little legs that you then plant in soil to make a new plant!

I was late with my vegetable planting this year, but hoping to still have lots of yellow & green courgettes, spinach (which I plant every two weeks just now so I get a constant supply all summer), kale, pea shoots, mange tout, green beans, herbs, lettuces, nasturtiums, strawberries, violas and radishes! You cannot beat picking your own food and cooking with it.

The next phase of my garden is creating a better link to the house so it becomes another room, as currently there is no seating area and the grass has not worked. We want the ground to flow from inside to out and I look forward to sharing this transition with you on my Monday blog.

I hope you find my photos of my garden as inspiring as I do and I would encourage everyone to grow their own edible garden whether it be in a full garden, small city garden space, balcony or window box. Just remember to check what each plant needs light wise for being successful. My garden is hard as it is very overshadowed by large trees and tenement flats so I need to be really careful and it is very much trial and error still, but that’s the fun of gardening I am starting to realise!

Natasha Marshall fabrics & wallpapers best sellers of the week:

I love seeing our most popular fabrics and wallpapers each week. Last weeks best selling fabric was Blossom Chilli Pepper from our Ikon collection. The most sampled fabric was Drift Nightshade which is also in our Ikon collection which is screen printed in the uk onto a linen cotton base cloth. This is a great fabric for making into curtains, blinds and cushions. The simplicity and elegance of these designs also lets you then mix different patterns in your interior, plus they give a timeless modern look to your home. The favourite wallpaper of the week was Shoot Surf Spray which is also printed in the UK onto a stunning non-woven ground.

Out and About this weekend in the sunshine:

Finally wow what an amazing weekend of sunshine in Glasgow, which makes everyone so much happier. From a wonderful 40th Birthday party in Cove at the Knockderry Hotel through to running in the park and coming across The Ideal Hut Show….all in all a wonderful weekend which sets you up for a great week ahead! Hope you all have a great week ahead and are starting the week inspired x