Natasha Marshall Christmas Table..but not just for Christmas!

Why not try creating the perfect Natasha Marshall Christmas Table….but not just for Christmas! I had a fun day Saturday with artist and designer friends doing a local Christmas Sale. It was a day of sunshine, rain and rainbows! I sold lots of Natasha Marshall placemats, mugs, tea towels & cushions in our Chilli Pepper and Firecracker colourways. These will be the perfect colours to use to create a cosy Christmas morning table.

I do have the chilli pepper Ikon designs Blossom, Beanstalk and Always in my house all year round. The colour red just takes on a more festive feeling once you add the Christmas Tree and decorations to the house. Hence why I say for a Christmas Table..but not just for Christmas!

The interiors photos below of our house show how the red still works after Christmas! The cushions, fabric, wallpaper, placemats, tea towels, aprons and mugs are all available to buy at NM-Living #MadeinUK #Pattern #Red #NMinteriors

I love mixing different patterns at home. See which you would mix together or do you prefer to use one design? It’s important to create layers in your interior to bring fun and your personality to your home.

All our fabrics are UK printed. We choose beautiful cotton linen base cloths. It is a wonderful experience working with the printers to get the colours and collections signed off before the main production goes ahead. I found these photos today of me signing off the Beanstalk Chilli Pepper design! You can also read more about this process in my blog.

Favourite Natasha Marshall Designs Of The Week:

I love looking back at the Best selling fabrics and wallpapers of the week. Last weeks most ordered fabric was Zip in Nightshade & most sampled fabric Drift in Apple. The Wallpaper was Drift in Slate. All UK Made….
Remember you can order samples online or at your nearest retailer of your favourite designs and colourways. Please share interior photos with #NMinteriors

I am off to London very early tomorrow so I have posted my Monday blog a day early! Hope you have a great week ahead x