Visiting British manufacturers & Inspiration for new ideas.

A wonderful week visiting British Manufactures & finding inspiration for new ideas. It is always inspiring visiting printers and makers as you talk about new ideas and see samples that inspire you. We are so lucky to have so many talented manufacturers in the UK – a real treat to work with them and still be meeting so many new talented suppliers after 19 years in the business! I am trying to meet up with new suppliers every month so we can start to add new products to our home collection all designed, printed and made in the UK. It is so important to me that Natasha Marshall brand showcases the best of British. Cannot wait to share new products and ideas with you all over the coming months. Also let us know if there are products and designs that you would love to see added to our home range.

We have also been looking at hand printed fabrics for a design studio client, which has taken us right back to our routes. You can see from these photos the screens and flat bed print tables. When Neil and I started our company in 1997 a year after graduating from Glasgow School of Art we used to hand print all our own orders! With help from the Princes Trust and the Scottish Arts Council we set up our own print studio and used to hand print all our orders on a 5 metre table. I must try and find some photos from this time to share with you!

It is great being out and about as I also see so many inspiring visual images, this weeks highlight for me was this beautiful pond at the hotel I was staying at near Cheshire and the colours created in the landscape were very inspiring – stripes and colour combinations.

I also had another painting class this weekend where we both tried palette knife painting – hard on a small board! When painting I then used the left over paints to create a painted stripe design!

Saturday was a stunning day and just wanted to share a few photos I put on Instagram at the end of my run! The Botanics change every week at this time if year which is magical to see. So the sea of crocuses have change to a sea of Daffodils and the magnolia trees are blossoming – stunning.

Have a magical week x