Bright Open Home Development #ConcreteCube

A bright open home development #ConcreteCube has evolved from small dark rooms. By removing all the walls back to the #ConcreteCube it has allowed us to create a much better layout for a home. One where you can socialise, live, work and most importantly enjoy and feel proud off. The 450 sqfoot one bedroom ex-council flat was split into lots of small spaces. You can see the early photos in part one and part two of the journey.


The development was held up four months due to Scottish Power, which was very frustrating. They hadn’t passed on the job to the right department over and over again. Once the right team got hold of the project they were excellent at fast tracking the works! The biggest issue was that all the power for the full block came through our flat, rather than on the outside of the building where it should be! This shows why you have to build in contingency money and time for projects. These issues were completely out-with our control. We needed our own electrics moved as the wall they were on was coming away. The move was less than a metre as you can see from the photos! Due to all the delays we agreed that the fees should be wavered.

Once all the walls were removed, existing walls striped of wallpaper, plastic window surrounds removed the space was ready to have the electrics, walls and installation boards added back in. Once all these where checked we had the full space plastered. It is now time to have a thin watered down white paint added to each wall which is very exciting as you start to see how the space will feel. You can see from the photos where we have the plastered wall and white walls in the same image how much bigger the space feels white. Plus we are sourcing new doors so they are not plastic and fit with the rest of the space.

The kitchen we ordered last month has arrived! The floor has a screed added to level it before the electric underfloor heating will put down. The wooden floor will then go on top of this with a click system. This is not quite in time for the kitchen arriving! Then we will also get the bathroom fitted that same week.

Changes that we have decide along the way are: We added in a down-stand to hide the curtain track that runs across the full space. We are thinking of using our Beanstalk Apple fabric for the curtain and Alibi Apple for the blinds so it keeps the space fresh and bright with white walls. We decided to go with a white kitchen and add the colour with the soft furnishings instead. This way the whole apartment can feel large, bright and open plan. It is becoming a very Bright Open Home Development #ConcreteCube. If you wanted to work from it by day  you can have the space open. Then you can have the curtain closed over in the evenings to bring in the colour and pattern to make the space feel cosy and homely.

We are hoping to have it completed in the next 3-4 weeks. I can’t wait to share the photos and videos at the end. I am really proud already at this stage of the development. We have created such a great new space in the heart of the West End of Glasgow. It really shows what is possible with any type of property, as it is all about what you do on the inside to make it home.


Bright open home development #ConcreteCube

In part one you can see how Neil and I took down all the original walls to leave the concrete cube. We then checked the measurements and started drawing up the space in CAD. We tried out all the ideas designed with Stuart at Cameronwebster Architects. We discussed the rooms together further and started creating detailed drawings for builders, makers, joiners and electricians to give quotes for the work.