Bestsellers of fabric and wallpaper

We love seeing our weekly bestsellers of fabric and wallpaper, this week’s is a joy to see – Tandem Plain, Flip and Shoot in Lemon Slice. This week’s wallpaper was Tandem plain in feather grey. Flip lemon slice was the best selling fabric and most sampled fabric Shoot Lemon Slice. They even work beautifully together. The yellow brings a grear pop of colour to your interior.

The subtle texture of our plain non-woven wallcoverings are a joy to see used in any room in your homes. It is a great way to bring in tones of colour and works beautifully with many of our printed fabrics. This includes our Flip Lemon Slice fabric as this has a darker tone of the feather grey included in the print. So you could have your curtains or blinds in the Flip and then cushions or upholstery in the Shoot. We hope we get to see photos of the interiors using these weekly bestsellers to see if they have been used together. These colours and designs work beautifully in a sitting room, bedroom or kitchen interior.

Or equally they each work beautifully on their own in a interior. Let us know how you like to used pattern and colours in your homes. Also if you have any interior design questions please do get in touch.

All fabrics and wallpapers are printed in the UK. We love to showcase the best of British Manufacturing through our studio collections. We strive to create patterns that you will live for years to come. Patterns, textures and colours that enhance the interior space rather than take over is the brands key starting point to every individual design. We want you to enjoy using pattern and colour in your homes.

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