Bert & May Screen Printing Workshop

It was a special week last week being involved organising a Bert & May Screen Printing Workshop at Soho Farmhouse. Part of the Book launch of the new Soho House #MorningNoonNight A Way Of Living book.

Bert & May had been asked, as a key supplier to the Soho House group to get involved in their new book launch by doing an interactive workshop. We traveled down to Yorkshire to meet with Lee, owner of Bert & May, at head office to then travel down to Soho Farmhouse together.

It has been an amazing journey collaborating with Bert & May on their Hand-Screen-Printed fabric collections. We wanted to let people have the experience of hand screen printing themselves in the workshop. This was a huge hit as no one had tried it before. They got to put on a Bert & May Apron and use a squeegee to pull the ink across the screen to print their own tote bag to take home.

The day at Soho Farmhouse was to celebrate their book launch of #MorningNoonNight with their friends at Pinterest. The book will be in the shops from 8/12/16 and it is a beautiful book. Bert and May are one of the 3 suppliers that are mentioned in the book. Bert and May have supplied tiles and wood to a lot the Soho Houses. We used the tile Otura design for the workshop as this is a tile used in the Berlin Soho House.

It was also a privilege to sit in on a questions and answers session with Nick Jones, owner and founder of Soho House. He talked about how good interior design is about layers and how this adds personality and character. I completely agree with this which is why interiors in your own homes get better year after year. He talked about how a interior should feel comfortable from the moment you walk in even if no one is there yet. He loves what he does and has great fun and really enjoys opening new houses as each one is so different. He believes that being passionate about what you are doing is key.

I hope you get to see a copy of the book soon or visit one of the Soho Houses as they are very inspirational. It was a very inspiring day and I look forward to seeing new projects using Bert & May fabrics, tiles, wood and paint in the coming months and years.

Read more about our collaboration with Bert & May and see images of the fabrics being hand screen printed in my blog.

Favorite Natasha Marshall Designs of the week:

I love seeing our weekly best sellers – Favourite patterns and colours this week at Natasha Marshall…..Beanstalk Feather Grey & PomPom Firecracker in fabrics. Wallpaper Plectrum Feather Grey. Please do let me know yours and remember you can order samples online or pop into your nearest local stockist. Have a great week ahead x

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