Good Homes Magazine – Styling rooms for Autumn

A sneak peak of the October issue in case you missed it: Good Homes Magazine – Styling rooms for Autumn. Includes Natasha Marshall Fabrics & Wallpapers. A great magazine full of interior ideas.

The Geometric Brights & Modern Retro feature is really inspiring styled by Alison Lovett. We love the way she has used Flip Firecracker wallpaper and cushions. Plus Zip Nightshade & Link Firecracker cushions on the front cover and inside the article.

It is really inspiring to see how these interiors play with pattern and colour. The layers of different patterns and colour really work. In your own interior you can try different designs until your happy with the result – the best way to do this is with cushions, rugs and accessories so you can add and take away until the room looks as you want it. Or choose your favourite wallpaper or curtain fabric and build your ideas from there.

As Alison Lovett comments ‘ The starting point for this eye-catching scheme is vibrant wallpaper – it has the perfect mix of colour and style. Pick out a wall shade from this design for a co-ordinated result’. She started with Flip Firecracker as her wallpaper. She has created a very on trend look in these schemes – Geometrics, Teal, Oranges.

‘Decorating with punchy colours: Tempting Teal – Powerful and edgy, a burst of this on-trend hue makes a modern statement. All blue shades are cool and relaxing. Firecracker Red – This stimulating shade is perfect for energising family spaces. Used in moderation, as an accent colour, it will add warmth to a room.’

Have you planned your new Autumn interiors yet? Please do share photos of your mood-boards and finished interiors with us.

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